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Article submissions

Submit an article here.

The most popular articles are those written by users for users - customer stories from both technical and end-user perspectives, strategy-based articles, step-by-step articles, and ‘how to..’, hints and tips. Worked examples/case studies are always particularly well received.

Article proposals

If you have an idea for an article, but are not sure whether it would be appropriate, you can submit a proposal using this form. You will receive feedback within 10 working days of submitting the request.

If you are asked to write up the article it does not automatically mean that your article will be accepted for publication, it will still be subject to the process set out below.

All completed articles must be received by the relevant deadline date so please ensure you request feedback well before the deadline so you have time to complete the article.

Article submission

Completed articles should be submitted to by the advertised deadline. Articles received after this date will be considered for publication online or taken forward for review and consideration for the next edition in the calendar.

Submission deadlines can be found in the editorial calendar. Before you submit your article, please make sure you have been through the article guidelines and have everything required included in your submission.

Content selection

All submitted articles are assessed by a review panel of volunteers from a variety of businesses and specialties. The review panel rates the articles and makes suggestions for improvements to the piece where appropriate.   

An editorial meeting takes place approximately 2 weeks after the submissions deadline, at which all article submissions are considered and peer review panel comments are consulted. The meeting is broken down into two parts:

The editorial team decides which articles are deemed acceptable to be published. There are generally three outcomes:

  • Accepted for publication, no edits required
  • Accepted for publications, subject to edits
  • Rejected

The editorial team reviews the content against a number of criteria, including the plan for the edition, number of pages available to be filled, etc. They will then make the final selection of articles for that particular edition. Articles will either be:

  • Accepted for this edition
  • Held over for consideration for a future edition
  • Recommended to be published via another UKOUG channel, e.g. website

You will be notified of the outcome once the review and selection process has been completed, about 4 weeks after the article submissions deadline.

Please note: Articles that lack detail or have a sales undertone are not favoured by our review panel and tend to be rejected. If such a submission is accompanied by a paid advert from the same company then it will be considered by the editorial team, although publication is not guaranteed.


If your article is selected for publication, it will be proofread and edited according to the Oracle Scene style guide by the editorial team. You will receive a PDF copy of the article for final checks before being published. You will generally have 2-3 days to turn this around; a fixed deadline will be given.