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Article submissions

Submit an article for Oracle Scene

How to submit:

You can either submit an article proposal, an abstract or a full article using the button above before the given deadline – your submission will be sent to via the above survey.

How articles are selected:

Your submission will be put forward to a review panel of volunteers who will assess each article and make suggestions for improvement if needed.
The editorial team will then decide which articles should be published, whether they are:

  • Accepted for publication, no edits required
  • Accepted for publication, subject to edits
  • Rejected

You will be notified of this shortly after the submissions deadline. Some articles may also be held over for the next edition. To increase your chances of being selected, please read through the article guidelines below.

Article Guidelines

Your submission should include the following:

  • Article title
  • Author name
  • Author company and job title
  • A 50-word ‘About the Author’ bio
  • A photo of yourself supplied at high resolution (300dpi) suitable for printing
  • Any graphics or images your wish to include (300dpi)

Hints & Tips:

  • Write in a style you are comfortable with – any suggestions will come back from the review panel.
  • Try to keep your article to 500 words to a page with a guideline of 4 pages per article keeping in mind any images or code.
  • Supply any images as separate attachments (not within the document) at the highest resolution possible (300dpi is ideal) so it’s suitable to be printed without any pixilation. This includes your ‘About the Author’ photo of yourself.
  • Start your article with an introduction or short summary and end with a conclusion, keeping the content clear with subheadings.



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