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Book Review Terms & Conditions

1. You understand that the distribution of books will be based on a first come, first served basis and therefore a request for a book does not guarantee its delivery.

2. The books available to review are subject to change without notice.

3. We accept no responsibility or liability for loss of publications in the post.

4. On receipt of a book from McGraw-Hill or the author, you will post a review with a minimum of 50 words onto Amazon within the timeframe of six weeks from the arrival of the publication.

5. You will open or use an existing account in order to upload your review.

6. UKOUG, McGraw-Hill and the authors accept no responsibility for the content of any site to which hypertext link from your review.

7. You consent to the use and reproduction of your book review by UKOUG, McGraw-Hill or the author.

8. McGraw-Hill and all authors reserve the right to cancel the distribution of a publication.

9. The reviewer is entitled to keep the publication once the review has been uploaded.

10. If a review has not been uploaded by the six week deadline, the recipient must return the book to McGraw-Hill or the author in the condition it was received. Any damages/loss will be liable to fees.

11. Once a review has been uploaded onto, the reviewer will email either Rachel Lawson if obtained via McGraw Hill, or Ashley Soucy, if the book was sent to you directly from the author, as notification that the review is complete.

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