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Ana Perez

Ana PerezName: Ana Perez

Organisation: Oracle

Job Title: Senior Director Technology Consulting

Tell us about your role in a couple of sentences: 
At Oracle I am responsible for a team of about 100 consultants that deliver projects to Oracle customers using Technology products.

Why did you first get into IT?: 
I have alwayas had an analytical mind and been interested in STEM-related subjects. I decided to study engineering as I thought it would provide me with a challenging career. By the time I had finished my degree there was huge IT boom, and I started my carrer in the IT deparment of an investment bank. It has always been an exciting environment to work in.

What advice would you give to people, especially women looking for a role in IT? 
Not to be scared of IT. It covers a very broad set of roles and skills; not everybody is sitting in a corner in front of a computer! There are lots of applicable skills, not just technical. It is a great area of work with constant innovation, and it therefore provides many opportunities for constant learning and different carreer paths.

Have you encountered any issues with being a woman in IT? 
Not specifically with being a woman. I have encountered many people who have helped me and supported my carear, and recently I have found that there are a lot more initiatives specifically focussed on women.

Any final comments?
I have had a very exciting career in IT and I encourge people to think about IT with an open mind.

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