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Debbie Byrne

Debbie BryneName: Debbie Byrne

Organisation: LSC

Job Title: Service and IT Delivery Manager

Tell us about your role in a couple of sentences: 
I manage the Service Delivery team who deliver IT and application support to both the organisation and external customers. The majority of applications are written using Oracle Technologies.

Why did you first get into IT?:
IT sort of found me. I was working in the Estates Department at the Local Hospital, presented with a PC, told to learn to programme it to monitor energy usage and lift maintenance. 

I then enroled at the Local University and completed a Diploma, Certificate and Masters Degree in Information Technology, attending part time over next 5 years.

What advice would you give to people, especially women looking for a role in IT? 
If you enjoy IT then you should persue a career in it. Although it is still very male dominated, you should not give up. By working hard and proving that you are capable and know what you are talking about then you can get on. (You may need to learn to be quite assertive). 

Once people relaise that you do know what you are talking about they are very supportive and respect you for who you are. 

Have you encountered any issues with being a woman in IT? 
It is still very male dominated and can be daunting walking into a room where you are the only female.

When redundant for two years I felt I would have been called for more interviews etc if the fact I was female was not on my CV. 

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