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Karen Jex

Kren JenxJob Title: Database Administrator

Tell us about your role in a couple of sentences?
I work closely with some of the organisation's project teams to create and manage Oracle databases both in development and production environments. I also spend time researching and experimenting with various features of the Oracle database and sharing this knowledge with the rest of the DBA team.

Why did you first get into IT?
I enjoyed maths and sciences through school and, as a child, was encouraged to write simple programs on a BBC Model B by my Dad. My interest in IT as a career didn't develop, however, until I decided to study for a Software Development MSc after completing my Maths degree.

What advice would you give to people, especially women looking for a role in IT?
I you have an interest in IT then go for it. I have found my career in IT so far to be extremely rewarding and, almost without exception, the people I have encountered along the way have been collaborative and supportive.

Have you encountered any issues with being a woman in IT?
I have not encountered any issues whatsoever with being a woman in IT and just wish that there were more of us to share the experience.

Any final comments?
I think we should encourage the best talent, both male and female, into IT by demonstrating from an early age how much fun it can be.