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The UKOUG Board determines the company’s strategic objectives and policies of the UKOUG and monitors the progress towards achieving these objectives and policies. It is also responsible for accounting for the activities of UKOUG companies with respect to relevant parties, for example, UKOUG members and the Oracle Corporation. The directors have an equal voice and must act collectively as a board to bind the company.

The Board is made up of the following positions:

President: Primary owner of the external communications with Press and relationships with Oracle for the UKOUG. Represents members on the Board

Member Advocate Chair
Coordinates internal communications between Members, UKOUG Board and Oracle. Facilitates Strategy day. Represents members on the Board

Member Advocate
Represents members on the Board 

Finance Director
- Oversight of Financial reporting and compliance (reports to CEO)

Executive Director
- Authority to make Operational decisions that are aligned with the Strategy & Business Plan. Will Chair the Board (will not have an additional vote)

President Elect will be the President in waiting for 1 year and may perform Acting President duties when required (not a member of the Board but may be invited as a Guest – not a Legal Director)

Governance structure diagram

The Appointments Group is another group of elected volunteers, and was established to:
Ensure the stability of the UKOUG organisation by appointing the right people with the required skills to the right positions and managing the performance evaluation processes. Additionally, the group will establish the election cycles and succession plans and maintain the terms of reference.

 The Group is made up of:
Appointments Group Lead: Manages the activities and plans of the Appointments Group. Ensures elections and plans are delivered. Represents membership
Appointments Group Members: Represents membership. Participate in all Appointments Group processes
UKOUG Manager: Represents the Operational views. Supports all Appointments Group processes. Contributes and manages projects as required

An elected role is for a two year term.