UK Oracle User Group

Appointments Group

The role of the Appointments Group is to support and advise the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to members and the organisation itself.

The Group ensure that the Appointment Group Lead, Appointments Group Member Advocates, President, President Elect, Member Chair & Member Advocate within the organisation are occupied by individuals who are best able to discharge their responsibilities as detailed in their job descriptions by identifying and recommending named individuals for specific roles.

Time required for being part of the Appointments Group vary's throughout the year as some months are busier than others. It is also dependant on the amount of volunteers that are part of the Appointments Group.


1.1 .Establish processes to identify suitable candidates for appointment or re-election to the Board, Appointments Group,or other named function, and to make recommendations to the Board.
1.2  Identify, appraise and co-ordinate recruitment of nominees. Interview and select those to be recommended to the membership
1.3  Undertake annual review of skills, experience and personal characteristics required for key positions and to identify gaps to be filled
1.4  Establish and maintain a list of potential candidates with appropriate skills, experience and personal characteristics, and to maintain succession plans for key positions
1.5   Co-ordinate with the Board and operation staff to ensure open and democratic election processes, establishing criteria, election cycles and procedures
1.6  Ensure that an effective induction process is in place for individuals taking up office, with regular reviews of its effectiveness