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Fiona Martin

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Fiona Martin
Director, Strategic Alliances (Oracle)

James Jeynes, Executive Director, UKOUG said: "Fiona Martin will have completed two terms as Member Advocate Chair in March. The Board have always aimed to achieve a good balance of expertise, experience, stability & vitality and it was felt that the current Board is quite new (new Executive Director, President, Non-Executive Director, Finance Director). In light of this, the Board agreed that if Fiona was willing to stand again we would welcome her inclusion as a candidate. Fiona was happy to be put forward and has completed the Appointments Group validation. The UKOUG membership will now determine whether the Board were right in their decision by voting in the election."

What have been the highs and lows of your business / IT / Oracle career?

With more than 20 years of Oracle experience as a customer, a consultant and a business development executive the highs have been numerous and include (but are not limited to!):

  • As a customer; successful implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 8 in 1996 (one of the first in the UK)
  • As a Senior Consultant; successfully managing one of the most complex Oracle E-Business 10.7 - 11i upgrades in the UK, on time and to budget against a fixed price contract
  • Involvement in one of the first Oracle SaaS HCM customers to go live in the UK
  • As an Alliance Director; successfully managing significant business growth in a complex and at times challenging alliance relationship whilst remaining a trusted individual by both organisations

I don't dwell on lows - they are merely an opportunity to rethink, regroup and come back stronger!

What have you already achieved/ contributed to within the Oracle community?

I have been an active speaker at UKOUG SIGs and conferences across a number of subject areas included applications technology and business and strategy throughout my 20+ year Oracle career. I presented 2 sessions at the most recent UKOUG Conference in Birmingham in December 2016.

My UKOUG volunteering began when I was elected chair for the Partner Forum in 2008, I joined UKOUG Council in 2011 and was elected to the Board for the first time in 2013. During my time on UKOUG as Member Advocate Chair I believe I have made a significant difference to UKOUG, leading the Strategy project through a critical period of market and organisation transition.

What skills and strengths do you feel you would bring to UKOUG?:

Some skills I bring are Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Teamwork, Business Acumen, Board & UKOUG Experience, Motivator and Mentor. Additionally I have passion, enthusiasm, commitment, time, a significant breadth of Oracle knowledge and a proven track record in successful engagement and business development within the UK Oracle economy.

What improvement would you make to UKOUG?:

Continuing to focus and improve our relevance for all members of the Oracle UK community. Over the last 10 years Oracle’s product portfolio has grown and their strategy has changed significantly as they now focus on their Cloud portfolio. Additionally Oracle users are much more sophisticated and have many more mediums (blogs, twitter, forums) to share experience and gain information and education around Oracle products. UKOUG needs to continue to innovate to survive. Failing to remain relevant will directly impact UKOUG ability to sustain and grow membership and improve current financial viability.
My extensive Oracle knowledge and network coupled with my industry experience allow me to bring considerable insight to assist UKOUG through this market transition and ensure we deliver on our mission to serve the Oracle Community in the UK.


I passionately believe in a vibrant, inclusive, representative, active, engaging and growing Oracle User Group.

I have a job where I meet many Oracle customers and understand their needs.

On UKOUG Board I have undertaken various project lead roles. I also worked within the team on 2013 resolution for change which gave us a balanced Board made up of 3 appointed operational members and 3 elected member advocates. As part of this change we introduced a rule on Directors serving 2 terms of 2 years.

I have now completed 2 terms and yet I am standing again. Why?

  • I have a successful track record on the UKOUG Board as Member Advocate Chair 
  • There is more to do - we need strong member advocates to manage the role of user groups as Oracle continue their transition. 
  • In 2015 James Haslam resigned as CEO, David Rowntree retired as FD. 
  • The Board in March will be made up of our Executive Director, James Jeynes, FD, Ed Gardner and a new non-Exec Director appointed March 2017, Paul Fitton, President and Debra Lilley. 
  • This means that there is no operational Board member with more than 3 months UKOUG experience and in fact there would only be Debra Lilley with more.
  • I believe this poses a significant risk to the organisation.

So I re-stand, supported by the Board, offering members the opportunity to choose to re-elect me and increase the experience on the Board.

I fully believe the Board needs a mix of old and new ideas and should be balanced and operate as a team. I believe it needs someone with a broad oracle market knowledge and the ability to think strategically and give direction on behalf of members.

I believe my CV means I am uniquely qualified to be the right candidate to do this!

Voting closes on 8th March at 17:00 and if you are your company's main contact then it's up to you to vote. If you would like the voting link resent to you please email

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