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Neil Bacon

Neil Bacon

Neil Bacon

Cloud and Digital Transformation

What areas of Oracle are you active within?
Business Analytics, Cloud, Oracle E-Business Suite, Technology

What have been the highs and lows of your business / IT / Oracle career?

Main career: My biggest achievement was to change the mindset of the entire public sector in regards to security. This was achieved through working with Government Ministers down to transform the IT security landscape. The result was new Security Classifications to help aid the introduction of innovation, PSN to move everyone towards a common set of standards, G Cloud to transform the procurement landscape. Last year, I developed our STEM programme. We brought together over 1000 schoolgirls to 5 locations across the UK in a bid to encourage more women into IT. We trended number 1 on twitter until Roger Federer knocked us off! In 2017, I am now leading a team to make the event bigger and better. A low was that I was not able to bring the NHS or Police on board with the rest of Government to this "new way of working" thought process. I am pleased to report though that NHS and Police both move early next year (just a few years later than others).

PSNGB: I formed and led the PSNGB, which is a non profit organisation that looks to help transform public sector through both industry and end customers. Representing big and small organisations into Cabinet Office I transformed the way that industry sold services (to be more compliant with customer needs) and transformed the way that Public Sector bought services. My biggest achievements during this period were: Being re elected 4 years running. Being elected to the PSN Board (made up of CIO's from key parts of Government), driving several PR campaigns (including a brilliant video), delivering and organising several conferences, being invited by Crown Commercial Services to re structure one of their key frameworks. But most importantly, being the person that companies wanted to represent them in front of key Government officials.

Help and Care Charity: My biggest achievement is the introduction of cloud CRM to the charity. It has transformed the way in which we deal with citizens and has had a dramatic effect on some of the vulnerable people that we serve. We recently revolutionised the way social care was handled in Bournemouth. A pilot scheme by the Department of Health introduced a single point of contact for anyone who had health, housing, benefits and social care problems. Bournemouth Borough Council outsourced the work to the voluntary sector and staff from Help & Care moved into the town hall. This move doubled the size of our business and also put us at the front end of social services in Bournemouth. This is made possible through innovative use of the CRM.

EuroCloud: I set up and ran the G Cloud interest group. Bringing together parties from across the UK to collaborate of how we could help Government push forwards with digital transformation. As part of this role, I set up the group as being a "tier one" supplier in it's own right which enabled us to have regular meetings with and help with the planning of G Cloud. Through this, I have changed the way that Cabinet Office approach G Cloud - including the changing of a number of contractual clauses. I am responsible for PR and liaison with G Cloud and CCS teams.

What have you already achieved/ contributed to within the Oracle community?
I have to be very honest here. I have contributed very little thus far to the Oracle community due to my recent entry into the Oracle “ecosystem”. However, where I do have involvement in groups like this (as evidenced above), I am able to accelerate thinking to another level, which results in some amazing transformations.

Skills and strengths I intend to bring to UKOUG
These are many and varied. I have a great deal of past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships.

I have extensive experience in community relations - specifically in being a Board Member of a number of similar organisations.

I am (and have been) a Board Member of a number of non profit organisations - so I can demonstrate full commitment to UKOUG non-profit's mission & strategy.

There can be no doubts about my proven leadership and relationship management experience - it's evidenced through the dramatic change that I have helped to develop across UK Government.

As evidenced by the feedback from my peers, I display integrity, model behaviour and am adaptable.

As demonstrated by my PSNGB videos and press releases, I have great experience of Public relations with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders.

I have the ability to represent a wide range of stakeholders and have the proven ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people.

I was the Membership Director at PSNGB, where I helped double membership EVERY year and drive churn down to negligible numbers - this demonstrates the ability to engage with membership

Please identify an improvement you feel UKOUG could make
For me, it would be to have a laser focus on the key elements that make the group great. For clarity those are:

Save the time and costs associated with understanding your product-related challenges

Develop best practice in your organisation to cut your professional fees budget

Build knowledgeable, well-connected teams that can add value and competitive advantage

What I would improve is the way that every decision is aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation. I would love to hear at the end of my tenure how being a member has: Saved £1m associated with product-related challenges.

Please provide a manifesto describing why you would be suited to the role selected
I am a passionate board leader, with a reputation for innovation, driving growth, real and meaningful changes across both industry and client. Sought after speaker, with a reputation for being pragmatic.

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