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Paul Fitton

Paul Fitton

Paul Fitton
IS Senior Manager (Delivery)
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What areas of Oracle are you active within?
Oracle Technology, Oracle E-Business Suite

What have been the highs and lows of your business / IT / Oracle career?
I'm not sure I've hit all of my highs yet but I've thoroughly enjoyed progressing in my IT career to a position that can influence and shape the value that IT can add to any organisation. My lows (typically of anyone who has worked in operational IT) centre on major outages and not living up to the expectations customers have of me and my teams.

What have you already achieved/ contributed to within the Oracle community?
I have been a member of the UKOUG since my organisation first selected Oracle as a business application 3 years ago.  Since then I’ve attended conference (and look forward to coming back again this year) and have been involved in the strategy refresh which is ongoing at the minute.  I have personally found the community both within the OUG and with Oracle in its wider sense to be very welcoming and helpful.

Skills and strengths I intend to bring to UKOUG
I see one of my biggest strengths as being relatively new to Oracle. I come from a technical background before I moved into IT service management so conceptually I have adapted well to the Oracle world but I am on a learning journey (something I expect a lot of members are too) so I think this might be a good perspective to add value to the UKOUG.

Please identify an improvement you feel UKOUG could make
I would like to see the OUG appeal to a wider audience and find ways to reach out to more organisations and a wider user base to further enrich the value it adds as a community.  Organisations such as my own, who are new to Oracle, don’t necessarily find their way into joining the community because they don’t understand the value – I’d love to be part of the team to help address this by expanding our offerings, working with the community to cement what works well and what they’d like to see more of, as well as speaking to prospective members to ensure we are a community that is relevant and can continue to add value now and into the future.

Please provide a manifesto describing why you would be suited to the role selected
I openly admit I’m not an Oracle expert and certainly could not begin to compete with the wealth of knowledge that exists in the user group as it stands today, but fundamentally this is why I am so passionate about helping to steer the group through the next phase of its journey.  

There is so much good that we can do for one and other, such valuable knowledge and innovation going on in the community that I’m so keen to share.  I am a user myself, and have personally experienced exactly this.  It saddens me to think that there are organisations, like mine, who are struggling through their journey on their own, without realising there is such a friendly, open community who could, and would help, if only they knew. 

I would love to help bridge those gaps, demonstrate the values of the group to a wider audience and ultimately cement the user group as a valuable partner to have for any organisation embarking on, or well underway with their own Oracle journey.


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