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Carl Dudley

Carl Dudley

Job Title: Director

Company: Tradba Limited

Tell us about youtself in 50 words:
I am a user group volunteer for 27 years, a UKOUG director and speaker at international conferences.

What is your main goal in life?
To improve things??

What are your interests (inside and outside of work)?
Inside work:

  • Database Tuning
  • Database Security
  • General Database Administration

Outside of work:

  • Hockey
  • Photography
  • Victorian Engineering

When did you start volunteering with UKOUG?

Why did you want to become a UKOUG volunteer?
To help others (and myself) make better use of Oracle's products

What volunteering activities do you undertake?
I am Appointments Group Lead for the UKOUG. This entails organising Nominations and Elections procedures for UKOUG positions and monitoring the UKOUG Board activities. In the past I have been a Director and SIG Chair for UKOUG and a director of EOUG.

What does a day of volunteering involve for you?
It varies - attending and presenting at events, taking part in conference calls, preparing reports

Which volunteer contribution are you proudest of?
I organised and ran the first Internet Day for over 100 UKOUG members in 1994 at Staffordshire University. This would have been the first time that many of the attendees would have had the chance to surf the wonders of the newly introduced internet.

What is the best thing about volunteering?
Networking with other users

What's most rewarding about volunteering?
Presenting at conferences and SIG meetings 

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