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Jason Arneil

Jason Arneil



Job Title: Infrastructure Architect

Company: Accenture Enkitec Group

Tell us about yourself:
Experienced IT guy, DBA and System Administrator - combined both those roles for most of my career 

What are your interests (inside and outside of work)?
Football, books and politics 

When did you start volunteering with UKOUG?
I started presenting around 10 years ago.

Why did you want to become a UKOUG volunteer?
I wanted to increase my exposure within the Oracle community.

What volunteering activities do you undertake?
Presenting mostly, though I have helped organise the engineered systems events and annual conference. 

Which volunteer contribution are you proudest of?
Engineered Systems Event in London in 2013. I thought it was Ace, and to have helped set that up was a great feeling. 

What's most rewarding about volunteering?
It really does increase your visibility in the community and you do get a lot of contacts as a result.

What experience with UKOUG influenced you the most?
The annual conference - I first went in around 2000 and I have gone every year since. It's really improved my knowledge.               

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