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Toby Price

Toby PriceJob Title: IT Strategy Consultant

Company: TP Information Strategy

Tell us about yourself in 50 words:
Independent Analytics, Digital, Enterprise Architecture and IT thinker . Big vendor myth-buster. 25 years in the Oracle world. Focussing on Higher Education, Government, Charity. Family of 5, Christian and QPR mad.

What is your main goal in life?
Helping those around me to achieve all they can achieve. "The task of leadership is not to put greatness into humanity, but to elicit it, for the greatness is already there." John Buchan.

What are your interests (inside and outside of work)?
Aside from helping customers make the most out of their IT skills and investments, I tweet on subjects from HS2 to bishops, attend a schizophrenic church, manage a family of 5 (not according to my wife) and support the bizarre monster that is QPR.

When did you first start volunteering with UKOUG?
1991 I think. GUI SIG. Still don't have my carriage clock but looking forward to my final salary UKOUG pension.

Why did you want to become a UKOUG volunteer?
Because I absolutely believe that the sum of parts is greater than the whole. Working together, we can make IT a valued part of any organisation's estate. Also, we can learn from each other and present a stronger voice to Oracle.

What volunteering activities do you undertake?
Currently deputy-chair of the HE SIG and of the Partner forum

What does a day of volunteering involve for you?
The same as for any volunteer. Getting to the location early, helping the office lead set up, running through the slides and facilitating the sessions - hopefully, though not always, with a bit of help.

Which volunteer contribution are you proudest of?
At one end, starting the GUI SIG in 1991 and at the other end, being responsible for the Executive stream at the Apps14 conference.

What is the best thing about volunteering?
Being a part of a community that will have an impact on the wider OUG community, but will also share a drink and an idea.

What's most rewarding about volunteering?
Seeing the results of a coordinated campaign.

What experience with UKOUG influenced you the most?
Attending a SIG as an oracle employee in 1990 and seeing the power of collaborative learning.


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