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Member Advocate and President-elect 2018

    Voting is now open for the role of both Member Advocate and President-elect

You must be a UKOUG member to vote

The role of the Member Advocate is to represent members at Board level, to ensure that the views of the membership are communicated to the Board and have active participation at UKOUG Flagship Conferences.

The President-elect will be the President in waiting for 1 year and may perform Acting President duties when required before becoming the primary owner of the external communications with press and relationships with Oracle for the UKOUG.

As there is only one candidate for President-elect they have been interviewed by the Appointments Group who are satisfied the candidate can fulfil the role. In the event of “no’ vote the role will not be filled and a new election held

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Member Advocates

                Andy Nellis

       Neil Chandler

Andy Nellis

Neil Chandler

President Elect

Martin Widlake

Martin Widlake

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