UK Oracle User Group

2014 Elections


 Exercise your right to vote in the UKOUG elections

As UKOUG is a membership organisation, all main contacts retain a vote to shape the future of UKOUG.

It is vital that you do vote. By doing so, you are being part of the process of ensuring that UKOUG represents your needs to Oracle and that the products and services are the ones you require.

Follow this link to cast your vote.

Why are the elections important?

The elections are important because they determine which communities are represented, and ultimately who steers your user group and represents your interests to Oracle Corporation, the Oracle community worldwide and to the Oracle eco-system in the UK.

Each membership has a vote, and as the main contact for your organisation’s membership you can vote for each of the positions, but if you have a colleague who you feel is better placed to make that judgement, perhaps an active SIG member, then please ask them for their recommendation or pass them the right to vote.

By voting you are…vote

  • expressing your opinion as to the fitness of the elected leaders and their experience
  • ensuring that the people in charge reflect your views and champion the issues that are important to you.
  • helping to shape what UKOUG does and how it does it
  • having a say in who steers your user group

By not voting you are…

  • abdicating your right to influence
  • allowing the will of others, whose opinions maybe contrary to your own, to prevail
  • accepting that the future of the UKOUG is what it is without you being a part of that

Think about the candidates

  • Where have candidates come from?
  • What will their contribution be?
  • Which communities are represented and which are not?

Please think... and vote for the right people to represent you!

Voting is open until midnight on Monday 1st September 2014.