UK Oracle User Group


Why are you co-locating Apps14 & Tech14?

All our feedback indicators from 2013 were positive, which tells us the split was the right thing to do. Co-locating the events simultaneously is something we have to do to reconcile the budget to achieve our goal of remaining financially viable. 

Why December?

There are several influencing factors:

  • Oracle do not allow their executives to fly 6 weeks either side of Oracle OpenWorld. If we held a conference during this period we would not get access to executive speakers, lessening the value of the event for delegates.
  • National holidays in some countries (e.g. Thanksgiving in the US) impact speaker availability.
  • There are a limited number of large conference venues in the UK that can accommodate the size of co-located UKOUG conferences. 

What does co-locating Apps14 & Tech14 mean?

Co-locating the conferences means UKOUG will run two separate events with two distinct brands simultaneously in the same venue. UKOUG’s goal is to protect the Apps & Tech brands and the two unique delegate experiences.

Will co-locating Apps14 & Tech14 conferences mean less content for delegates?

Definitely not. We will not be taking anything away from delegates attending either conference. Our goal is to protect the delegate experiences.

Will this affect my membership package?

Your conference ticket will still need to be used for your chosen event. We will provide options for allowing members to transfer between conferences and further details will be made available in due course.

Is this UKOUG doing a U-turn/going backwards?

No. Splitting the annual conference into two more focused events was the right thing to do. All our feedback indicators have been overwhelmingly positive – delegate, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor and Oracle. Our ultimate goal is to keep separate brands and continue with the separate event models. 

It is our responsibility as the UKOUG Board to ensure we work to business plan and budget that delivers our member products and services and protects the financial viability of UKOUG going forward.  For 2014 the only financially viable way is to co-locate the events. 

I would like to join a Conference Working Group?

Please contact the relevant conference project manager to express your interest: 

Tech14 – Faye Wood

Apps 14 – Marisa Harris

Who do I talk to if I want to provide feedback?

If anyone would like to further discuss any aspect of this Strategy then please reach to anyone of the member board members

If you have views/thoughts/suggestions about the co-locating of the conferences, please consider joining a Conference Working Group to input into the planning of the events – see above.