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Book review: Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer 11g Handbook

20 April 2015

This book is very useful for novices, intermediate and advanced users who will find the level of detail the book goes in to of great benefit. Organisations that use Discoverer should have this book in their library of manuals

Each year McGraw Hill offer our members free books in return for an honest review of the content.

One of the books available to our members for review this year was Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer 11g Handbook by Michael and Darlene Armstrong-Smith.

Read our members' reviews of this book below to decide whether or not it will be worth your investment in this title.

George Gallagher of Jephson Housing Association gave the book 4 out of 5 stars

I have been an end user of Diiscoverer for some time and have relied on the user manuals (sys admin and user) to get additional information when required, and of course MOS.
Oracle have been promoting their other BI tools for a while now and I was curious to know why BI was in the title of this book and would it be worth investing the time to read. Other factors like, Oracle will continue to support Discoverer, but for future technology releases (windows 8 ?) will Discoverer be certified ?

Those who have already invested in Discoverer will find this book useful and developing reports and analytics will not be wasted if you are thinking of migrating to Oracle’s BI tools, as there is now a migration assistant enabling you to migrate you Discoverer content to OBIEE.

Take the authors advice-you will need to understand the business, reporting requirements, database or EUL before you explore Discoverer functionality and deliver accurate meaningful reports

Chapters 1 and 2 give an overview architectural background and different flavours of installation, all in very great detail. guide.

If you are a beginner or a competent user chapters 3 to 7 take you through creating workbooks and other essentials. A must for beginners and worth a read for those who are competent users needing some extra nuggets of information.

Chapters 8 to 10 tutor different ways of presenting data and various ways of delivering the information, some useful hints to automate and save time.

Chapters 11 to 14 is for advanced users and shows the real potential for users with technical skills .

Chapter 15 to 18 for those who have administration responsibilities creating eul’s or business areas if you prefer. Users should not ignore this, it will help you understand and appreciate what your administrator/s do and help you in submitting requests for enhancements. There is a great deal of detailed information here that will help with your administration tasks ,set up, architecture.

Chapter 19 to 20 for configuration of Discoverer and here it’s gets technical and discusses web logic and http a heap of very useful information, which I am still trying to digest in the advanced chapter. the very technical and something new to me for discoverer, web logic. A heap of information and chapters I was most interested in.
These chapters were very useful from a personal point of view.

Chapter 21 analytics something I never new discoverer was capable of. I read with interest that KPI’s could be produced and as described in previous chapters delivered to user desktops.

Michaels Gold Mine of FAQ’s is also a chapter some might like to read, as I found some familiar responses I had to questions IT related.


This book is very useful for novices, intermediate and advanced users who will find the level of detail the book goes in to of great benefit. Organisations that use Discoverer should have this book in their library of manuals.

Vijaya Kumar of Monarch Group Management gave the book 3 out of 5 stars

I personally like the content and details about 11g features and issues that are in previous version of application version.

I felt its worth reading if you guys are still using Discoverer and can't come out of it.


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