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Consistently Protect Data Across Your Oracle Applications and Databases

2 October 2012

Enterprises running Oracle applications face the challenge of scaling to support a complex and growing environment. Often, two or more nonproduction systems are required for each production system to facilitate development, testing, and training. As production systems grow, so does the complexity of maintaining an efficient Oracle support environment.

Traditional system copy approaches, which have been the mainstay for data duplication, centre on making a complete copy of the production system, including its entire data repository as well as transactional data.

This process is very inefficient and expensive, both in terms of time and resources. Nonproduction systems also represent a significant data security problem. In today’s heightened
regulatory environment, auditors are now beginning to expose the risks associated with utilising
production data in test and development environments. As organisations gear up to be compliant with data privacy regulations, they are beginning to realise that protecting sensitive information, such as bank account information and even health data, across multiple applications and versions, not only requires deep knowledge across all applications, but is also time consuming and resource intensive.

Informatica Accelerators for Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft contain prebuilt definitions of business entities and assignment of data masking policies. The prebuilt data masking rules support common industry security regulations for PII, PHI and PCI data.

For more information on how to consistently mask data across your Oracle applications and databases, read the white paper: The Informatica Solution for Data Privacy: Enforcing Data Security in the Era of Big Data

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INFORMATICA Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is the leading independent provider of enterprise data integration software and services. With INFORMATICA, organisations can gain greater business value by integrating their information assets across the enterprise. More than 3,600 companies worldwide rely on INFORMATICA to reduce the cost and expedite the time to address data integration needs of varying complexity and scale.


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