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News on Oracle Database STANDARD EDITION

6 July 2015

In his recent blog post, Mike Dietrich, Master Product Manager - Database Upgrade & Migrations, outlines some important news about the impending release of 12c Standard Edition...

More than once per week I receive an email or message or comment or call or instant message by a colleague or customer or partner seeking for any news about the release of Oracle Database as Standard Edition

Ok, sit back, relax - it's still not available.

But there are significant and important news outlined in

MOS Note:2027072.1
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2 (

In brief:

  • The support for Oracle Database SE/SE1 will be extended ...
    "We will continue to provide full patching support for for SE and SE1 for 6 months post the release of SE2 Quarterly Patch Set Updates and Critical Patch Updates for SE and SE1 will be delivered for an additional two cycles, so quarterly patch updates for will be available in October 2015 and January 2016"

  • It will have a new name, Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 - acronym: SE2, and superseed SE and SE1.
    SE/SE1's final version will be Oracle Database

  • There will be a restriction regarding CPU sockets ...
    "SE2 will run on systems with up to 2 sockets and will have the ability to support a two node RAC cluster"

  • And finally, it should be available soon ...
    "The release of Oracle Database SE2 is planned for Q3 CY2015"

And an important information as there seem to be misunderstandings:

Of course you'll be able to upgrade from your current SE or SE1 database to SE2 with the standard paths, such as database upgrade via DBUA, via or expdp/impdp etc.


Source: Upgrade your database - NOW!

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