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Partner of the Year Awards Work for Customers Too

Partner of the Year Awards Work for Customers Too

10 March 2015

Back in 2007, we introduced the UKOUG Partner of the Year Awards as a way of recognising the value that the partner network contributes to the Oracle user community in the UK. But awards are commonplace; everyone is doing them, so why should you care about ours?

Well, our awards are unique because they’re independent of any third party. This is what makes them so valuable and sort after – they’re truly credible and they’re won on merit. No one other than you, the customer, influences who wins. And what’s more they’re the only Oracle-related awards globally that are selected on customer votes alone, so they’re a great way of empowering end users.

The kudos of winning is fantastic for the successful partners – but what is the significance for you, the customer?

Winners are provided with logos they can use to promote their win. For you as a customer this means you can easily identify current and previous winners and feel confident knowing that these partners have been ‘recommended’ by other customers through their votes.

Our partners provide case studies that you can relate to and that you might hear about at our Special Interest Group meetings and conferences. We highlight Partner of the Year Award winners on our agendas, in our programmes and even in our exhibitions.

It’s always nice to be able to tell someone they’ve done a good job. Our awards reinforce this by publically recognising the great work partners have done for customers, giving you a way of giving back to the outstanding partners you’ve worked with over the year.

Last year we saw record numbers of customers voting for their preferred partners. We want to beat that record this year! We’re asking all end users to get involved and start encouraging your partners doing fantastic work to nominate themselves for an award. Nominations will open at the end of this month.

And if your preferred partner ends up a winner, you have the personal satisfaction of knowing you played a part in the win having encouraged them to nominate themselves and by casting your vote.

Make a note in your diary now to cast your vote when voting opens in July.


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