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Transcript: Cameron Purdy interview

7 November 2013

Vice President of Development Cameron Purdy spoke to Simon Haslam about JavaOne highlights and his keynote session at Tech13.

Simon Haslam - SH
Cameron Purdy - CP

SH: Hello, I’m Simon Haslam, I’m chair of the Middleware SIG and I’m on the Tech13 steering group. I’m delighted to be in San Francisco at JavaOne at the moment and I’ve got Cameron Purdy from Oracle with me. Hello Cameron.

CP: Hello Simon.

SH: Perhaps for anyone who doesn’t know who you are, you could give a little introduction for us.

CP: Well, my name is Cameron Purdy. I’m the Vice President Development for Cloud Application Foundation products such as WebLogic and Coherence and I also manage our Java EE Platform - the Enterprise Java Platform.

SH: Okay, thank you. So, we have been at JavaOne all week. What have been the highlights for you?

CP: This has been a pretty crazy show. We had as you know here at San Francisco JavaOne and OpenWorld at the same week. This year we had JavaOne and OpenWorld and the Americas Cup Race all going on in the same week. And some of you might have heard that Larry Ellison actually skipped his own keynote to win the tie breaking race if you will, when the two teams had eight points apiece so he went off and sailed for team USA Oracle came back with the cup. That was a little bit of excitement in the middle of the week.

SH: That was a highlight of the week!

CP: But there’s actually quite a lot of exciting stuff going on about the JavaOne and OpenWorld. I found JavaOne which is very developer focused covers some new language changes coming in Java 8 also the release of Java EE 7. The technical keynote I found just inspiring to see what they have done and what they have accomplished over the past few years. Certainly worth checking out online. The re-run of the JavaOne technical keynote. By the way I wasn’t in that one, I was in the stuffed shirt keynote. But the technical keynote was just incredible.

SH: Great! So, we’re delighted that you are coming over to UKOUG Tech13 in the start of the December. Perhaps you can give us a little sort of taster you might be talking about in your keynote.

CP: Well, we have a lot to talk about this year. So as you probably know we have released WebLogic 12c in fact what we call Application Foundation 12c. So Cloud Application Foundation includes Exalogic Engineered Systems from Middleware, our web tier, our webservers and plugins and WebLogic itself and Coherence all together providing great infrastructure for Java and Java EE applications. We also announced this summer Java EE 7 which is a new version of our Enterprise Application Development Platform which provides standard Enterprise Application Development APIs and components. Developers can leverage to build applications. This year the focus is on HTML5 things like Web Socket the ability to have very rich interactive applications targeting at devices such as smartphones and tablets. And we also have a number of great new features. We don’t usually just focus in on the features and there are some pretty hot ones this year, things like hot cashe, where if you have a WebLogic and Coherence application with Data Cashed in memory and the Data changes in the database bump up these using Goldengate Technology into the application so it allows you to avoid that stale data problem for example.

SH: Because that’s a very common problem people hit.

CP: It’s a very common thing to face.

SH: well that’s fantastic thank you very much on spending some time with us today. We are all really looking forward to see you again in December. And enjoy the rest of San Francisco

CP: Looking forward to it. Thanks!

youtubeListen to the full interview here.

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