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A New Way to Collaborate with Oracle E-Business Suite Development

12 November 2014

A Message from Cliff Godwin, Senior Vice President of Oracle E-Business Suite Development

Have you ever opened an Enhancement Request (ER) with Oracle and then wondered about its status?  Do you feel like your request or idea has entered into the proverbial black hole, with no real feedback about whether Oracle has looked at the ER, is considering the ER, or has already included the ER into its product offerings?  In the light of Social Media and the capabilities that exist for a community of people to share and discuss issues, ideas, and sentiments, Oracle E-Business Suite Development has decided to provide the ability to submit Ideas into the My Oracle Support Community.  The My Oracle Support Community already allows for active collaboration between you, your peers, and Oracle and now Ideas have been added in most Oracle E-Business Suite communities.  For the first time, you can have open discussion with Oracle E-Business Suite Development on key issues surrounding your business needs and impact, challenges, expectations for the applications, and improvements for critical business flows.

What this means to you:

  • You will have a direct path for submitting and sharing ideas for Enhancements to the Oracle E-Business Suite Products.
  • You can rally your peers around the ideas.
  • Openly share workarounds or alternatives to the ideas.
  • Get Insight to all Enhancements that have been submitted, along with the knowledge of their current status, votes, views, and discussions.
  • The ability to influence functionality and features you need in future releases.

In the coming months, you will begin to see Ideas added to the majority of Oracle E-Business Suite communities in My Oracle Support.  Procurement – EBS (MOSC) and others already have this capability turned on!

We hope that you will take the opportunity to utilize this feature for submitting your ideas.  Please know that any ER that has been submitted to development in the past is not lost.  Development still maintains the extensive database of ideas and enhancements.


Want to know more?

Take a look at the FAQ document Doc ID 1584210.1 for details of how the new process works.  Keep an eye on this document as it will get updated as more Communities start using Ideas.

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