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15 February 2012

UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG), having embraced the changes in the market place, is proud to introduce the ‘new and improved’ UKOUG CRM community. The CRM community’s conference will cover all of Oracle's CRM offerings.Use the new community to access the answers you need, achieve success and deliver results.

Incorporating Siebel & CRM On Demand, Fusion CRM, ODM, and all associated Oracle CRM products, the new CRM community is both a business and a product community, with goals to help you both on your journey to upgrade, and to  make the most of the richness and complexity of Oracle’s CRM products.

To better align the UKOUG community with the rapid pace of change at Oracle in the CRM domain, the committee has decided to rebrand this community simply to be called "CRM".  We hope this will attract new members with a common interest in CRM regardless of which Oracle product(s) they have deployed. - UKOUG CRM Oracle Liaison, James Trinder

The CRM community will be looking at...

  • ... Fusion CRM which I am sure you have heard of and which is now ready to go and ready to show
  • … how ATG can be used to add e-commerce to Siebel – or any other CRM system
  • ... all-new mobile CRM solutions to use as a front end to Siebel, CRM On Demand or Fusion CRM - or all three
  • ... why Oracle has acquired RightNow and what it can do to enhance your Customer eXperience


Feel supported at work - The UKOUG CRM Community will focus on the business application of CRM, best practices and Oracle's product strategy and roadmap to help members make the most of their investment in Oracle CRM. Keeping you up to date with CRM, enabling you to learn, network, participate, and share experience and best practice.

Great news for you - The CRM community will incorporate the richness and breadth of Oracle's CRM products - Siebel and CRM on Demand, Fusion CRM and all associated Oracle CRM products.

Read more details about the new community and discover CRM events here.


Access and join the CRM Community:

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