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Now is a great time to review & purchase additional licensing

Now is a great time to review & purchase additional licensing

16 April 2013

Oracle’s Financial Year End is a great time to review and purchase additional licensing.

Interoute is the UK's leading Oracle Platinum Partner and we're able to offer a range of options to support our clients over the next few weeks, including:

Free Oracle Licence Review
Interoute is experienced in assessing our clients' Oracle licensing needs in relation to their current infrastructure and any planned technology and hardware changes. For those clients who have invested heavily in new technology or substantially altered their Oracle environment recently, we offer a free Oracle Licence Audit that can help you locate particular areas where compliance may be a risk or where over-licensing has occurred, saving you further operational expenditure, including the review of on-going support costs.

Enjoy Savings up to 30%
We currently support Oracle Licensing services which helps organisations move to more cost-effective and efficient licensing model. Savings of up to 30% are not uncommon and our expertise within Oracle Licensing ensures our clients realise cost saving opportunities when upgrading, migrating, consolidating or extending their Oracle Licence Estate. We're confident that we give our clients the most suitable, cost-effective solution and are committed to beating any current Oracle licence quotations you may have received.

Free Assessment with Oracle Licence Experts
Call us now on 0115 983 6200 or email to arrange a free assessment with one of our Oracle licence experts.

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