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Why Health and Safety is an IT issue

27 November 2015

With the recent global events, health & safety of employees and customers is evermore increasing in importance for organisations. Often management and executive teams need quick and accurate information around health and safety within their organisations.

It is not something that the IT team often get involved in, however as the reporting around H&S becomes more sophisticated, there is a role for the IT teams to be considering H&S as another critical element of business intelligence.

One of the projects recently carried out for a major rail organisation, comprised a significant health and safety angle which moved from simple review of numbers through to calculating specific frequencies which allow the organisation to help monitor and control accidents and injuries to the workforce.

An example of the types of data monitored include: the frequency of weighted injuries, the frequency of fatal accidents and the frequency of lost time based on injuries and accidents.

This uses information from a safety management information system; using Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Endeca to generate reports for the management teams. The purpose of the ongoing commitment to H&S is to provide an understanding of how the organisation is performing and seek to improve behaviour and processes.

Health & safety is one of the true life-and-death scenarios within an organisation.  By monitoring current performance it is possible to mitigate risks through improved approaches. 

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