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RAC Cloud Infrastructure & Availability (Formerly Availability Infrastructure & Management)

It was great to meet some Oracle staff and end users. Also, as a presenter, the chance to raise awareness and answer questions on the topic I was presenting was extremely valuable.

The UKOUG RAC Cloud Infrastrastructure & Availability Special Interest Group. This SIG incorporates high availability database configurations (such as Oracle RAC), the infrastructure required to support such configurations and the management of the technology supporting such deployments.  The SIG also provides a forum for the discussion of technologies such as virtualisation and cloud deployment that may have a role in increasing application availability. The management of emerging technologies from the Oracle Corporation (such as the Exadata Database Machine) also forms a subject for discussion within the group. This SIG forms part of the Oracle Technology community.

The main objectives of the UKOUG RAC CIA SIG are:

  • To discuss and disseminate information on highly available database configurations and how they fit within the wider aim of providing highly available business applications.
  • To address the issues of managing the database within the whole IT infrastructure, as a component of the entire technology stack, including the influence that the database can have in deciding the correct solutions for other areas of the infrastructure, such as storage or network components.
  • To consider how to best manage the technologies required to implement the database function, including best practice, standards and integration with other corporate software.
  • To inform the user community of current and future capabilities of related Oracle technologies.

UKOUG events facilitate the exchange of information and best practices between Oracle and the user community and provide a network for users to discuss common issues.

RAC Cloud Infrastrastructure & Availability Committee:

SIG Chair – Neil Chandler, Chandler Systems Ltd.
Deputy Chair – Martin Widlake, ORA600
Deputy Chair – David Burnham, dsp
Deputy Chair -- Stuart Bensley, CGI
Deputy Chair – Dev Nayak, dsp
Deputy Chair – Vancant
Oracle Liaisons – Joel Goodman
UKOUG Project Manager - Faye Wood

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