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An interview with... Your Tech16 Business Analytics Community Keynote!

28 November 2016

We spoke to Nick Whitehead - our UKOUG Technology Conference & Exhibition 2016 "Business Analytics" Community Keynote speaker - to find out why his session is a must attend, and what industry trends you should be aware of.

Nick Whitehead
Nick Whitehead
 Functional Lead, Business Analytics, Oracle

Here's what he had to say:

- What industry trends do you feel analysts should be aware of?

I see two major trends in our industry right now. One – a huge desire for business people to be more data driven in their decision making, but to be much more self sufficient in gaining the necessary insight; less reliant on IT. Two – a shift to cloud for analytics; deploying analytic applications to the cloud is just so much faster and more agile. And since we deliver Oracle’s innovation first on cloud customers get to use it quicker on the cloud.

- Where do you see your area of Oracle Technology heading in the next 12 months?

Several major areas of innovation will help our customers capitalize on the trends. Examples include more guided analytics – using artificial intelligence – to help business consumers find the right data, the right report, the right way of visualizing their information based on who they are & where they are, who they are collaborating with, what they need to know and what the data looks like. Another area is around self-service data preparation; breaking the business user’s reliance on IT to connect to the data, join it together from different sources and prepare it for analysis. Finally the focus on improving the visual experience for users is relentless; more and better visualizations in our products, and the ability for developers to use their own visualizations too.

- Why do you feel User Group events are beneficial for attendees?

The clue is in the name! User Groups are absolutely vital in enabling users with similar concerns, challenges and ideas to connect with each other. And it’s a great place for us from Oracle to meet our customers and answer their questions too.

- Why have you picked this topic for your keynote presentation?

“How to Spot the Signals that Tell you What’s REALLY Going on in Your Business”. Analytics should really help a business user to immediately spot the signals that affect their business performance at the moment that matters. That’s so much more powerful than just reporting on what’s happed after the fact. We aim to help customers get insight they can act on to change the business.

- What three key takeaways will attendees gain from attending your session?

1. We’ll be showing what Visual Analytics looks like. Seeing really is believing in this area. A picture tells a thousand words.
2. Together with colleagues from Development, we’ll be looking into the future to see what’s cooking for the future
3. We’ll be looking at Oracle strategy; what key industry trends influence why we build the products we do for Analytics.

Check out the abstract for his engaging and interactive keynote - or to find out more about Nick, view the keynote page.

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