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Promote your brand without lifting a finger

4 February 2016

By getting your customers to share their stories at UKOUG events, you can increase your brand exposure to a variety of Oracle audiences, without even lifting a finger.

With an ever growing portfolio of customers, your employees have an endless supply of contacts at their fingertips. So why not utilise these contacts to ensure your brand reaches the far corners of the Oracle industry by encouraging them to submit a paper for the UKOUG Systems Event 2016.

With busy professional lives, it can be hard to find the time to promote your company at every event applicable to your industry, so here is why getting your happy customers involved can benefit your business:

By presenting at an event, your customer gets to promote their brand – which could result in lead generation, or even making connections with others in the same market who they could work with. Presenting a case study as to how another business has assisted you with an implementation or Oracle issue not only promotes your business, but it promotes the vendors business to! Customer recognition could result in your businesses being promoted to other businesses they would not normally reach, or even provide you with customers in an industry you hadn’t targeted before.

Not only do customer stories sit well with end user delegates, they also show the audience a real life proven example of how your expertise and skills has helped. This gives you an advantage over your competitors who may not be exemplifying their success stories in the same way as you. Portraying your success in this way also works well with delegates as they are seen less as sales pitches and more like the valuable industry examples they are.

More customers promoting your brand increase your chance of lead generation, so get your customers involved and encourage them to submit for the UKOUG Systems Event 2016!

All they need to do is submit a 200 word abstract summarising what they would be presenting, as well as a few personal details that you can view in this form.

We hope to see some fantastic customer stories on this year’s agenda, and look forward to receiving your customer’s submissions.

Not only can customers help promote your business, but we have several sponsorship opportunities for this event, you could either take our a Tier One or Tier Two package and portray your services with an exhibition stand. Not only do we have exhibition space available, you can sponsor a product or aspect of the event - why not place you brand on one of these:


Notebooks Bags Water Bottles


For more information take a look at all the options available to you and contact Kerry Stuart +44 (0)20 8545 9685 or +44(0)777 575 8878.


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