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The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD app

16 October 2012

Users of Oracle's Business Intelligence platform who also own an Apple iPad should certainly consider taking advantage of the dedicated app that was created by the firm in order to support customers who require access to this service while they are out and about.

Users of Oracle's Business Intelligence platform who also own an Apple iPad should certainly consider taking advantage of the dedicated app that was created by the firm in order to support customers who require access to this service while they are out and about.

The Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD app can be downloaded free of charge to any iPad model, although you will need to have updated your tablet's operating system to at least version 4.3 or else risk problems with compatibility. In addition, the free nature of the app does not preclude payment for access to the services which it supports, so it is sensible to check whether or not you can harness it before you add it to your app library.


The app supports almost all of the features that are available on the Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboard, but of course gives you access to them on a portable tablet rather than requiring that you stay glued to a desk in order to stay up to date.

The first time you use the app you will be granted direct access to the data sets, analyses, scorecards and dashboards that are stored online, except they will of course be channelled through your iPad. This requires a network connection of some kind, which means you will either need to link your iPad to a Wi-Fi hot spot, or if you have a model with an on-board mobile antenna, take advantage of your third-party mobile data service.

The good news is that you do not require a constant connection to use the app after completing the initial set-up. This is because you have the option to save the dashboard to your iPad, allowing you to use it when your device is not connected to the internet.

The app provides a good deal of continuity, because when you return to an area in which you can access a data network, you can simply refresh your saved files and see any updates or changes that may have been released while you were out of range.


To add to the convenience of the app, Oracle's designers have also made sure that you can receive notifications and relevant alerts to your iPad when you are using it to view data. This means that the app does not just offer a passive experience, but allows you to engage with colleagues and also take action based on the information with which you are being presented.

The app uses the power of the iPad in order to bring Oracle's services to life and it is full of interactivity, allowing for in-app multitasking which is impressively well implemented.

You can view things like geo-spatial visualisations from within the app and interact with all of your KPIs, scorecards and dashboards as and when required. The interface is optimised for the tablet's touchscreen display, which means you will be using one or two fingers to do most of the interacting.

The final convenience worth noting is the ability to create favourites from within the app, which will also appear on your desktop machine, providing a degree of cross-platform synchrony that will help make your workload more fluidly transferable.

The latest iteration of the Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile HD application is designed to offer compatibility with the Oracle Business Intelligence 11g platform ranging from version to the latest release, which should help you to work out whether or not it is worth acquiring for your iPad.

Make sure that your software licences are up to date and that your desktop platform is the most recent edition, as several older versions are incompatible with the app. A quick check can tell you whether or not you will encounter this issue.


The Oracle Business Intelligence service is intended to help businesses learn more about themselves through analytics and it promises to deliver this kind of functionality quicker than any of its rivals. Reporting on every area of an enterprise's operations can certainly help a business become more flexible and responsive in markets that require constant change and refinement.

The iPad app which supports Business Intelligence services can help deliver the level of access to enterprise data that today's managers need in order to improve their company's chances of success. In a world where mobile and remote working are becoming increasingly important and easily achievable thanks to tablet devices, this kind of app integration for other internal systems is definitely something that will be seen as a benefit.

Oracle regularly rolls out updates for the Business Intelligence app on the iPad, fixing bugs and addressing other issues raised by its customers. It has also made tweaks and changes to the app's interface, enhancing it with refreshed icons and other elements between its first and latest iterations.

While the app will work on the first-generation iPad, it will look its best on the third-generation model from Apple thanks to the improved resolution offered by the Retina Display, which is something to keep in mind when procuring tablets for your business.

Adrian Ward, who has written guides to the proper use of Oracle software, had the following to say about the app: "The new Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile application is designed to enhance the Oracle strategy of 'Build Once, Consume Anywhere'. There is no need to design separate applications for mobile, your mobile users can use the same dashboards as they do when they are in the office.

"Navigation is simple, as it uses many of the best features of the iPad, such as right-click enhancements and scrolling visualisations to navigate around your dashboards. I particularly like the fact that you have the option to save a local copy of any dashboard.

"There are some great application-building tools coming to Oracle's Business Intelligence platform that are also well suited to the iPad, so start you mobile journey now".



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