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15 Minute Volunteer Opportunity - PhD Student Needs Your Help

2 June 2015

My name is Olumuyiwa Matthew, a PhD student of the University of Wolverhampton. As part of my programme, I am carrying out a survey and would really appreciate UKOUG member participation. Read on to find out more...


Dear Participant,


My name is Olumuyiwa Matthew, a PhD student of the University ofWolverhampton,United Kingdom. As part of my programme, I am carrying out a survey and your participation will be appreciated. Therefore, I would like to invite you to help my research by completing a simple questionnaire.

Completion of the questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes, and all questions can be answered by following the instructions.

Completion of the questionnaire is completely voluntary. All responses are anonymous, there are no correct or incorrect answers as all responses are based on your opinion about the subject area. Respondents who take part will not be identifiable. If the results of this study are published they will only be a summary of all responses to ensure that privacy is protected.

A multi-tenant database refers to a principle where a single instance of the DBMS runs on a server, serving multiple client organisations (tenants). A Multi-tenant database is one which provides database support to a number of separate and distinct groups of users, also referred to as tenants. A tenant is simply any logically defined group of users that requires access to its own set of data. This is an architectural pattern in which a single instance of the software is run on the service provider’s infrastructure, and multiple tenants access the same instance. This concept provides the ability of a system to provide database management services to different users or customers without having interference with each other’s processes. This reduces effort made in production and the cost incurred in the development. And multi-tenant data management is a major application of SaaS.

My research will be focusing on the trends in this technology, examining the security policies and loopholes in the implementation of the technology with a view to producing a standard scientific guideline for the drive towards multi-tenant databases.

Here is the link to the survey:

A summary of findings will be available in the UKOUG library at the conclusion of the study.

Please note that all data obtained for this research will be stored securely for future references.

Thank you. Your participation and contribution are greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,



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