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Oracle Coherence

This Special Interest Group forms part of the Oracle Technology community. The offerings for users of Oracle Coherence comprise of SIGs, presentations in the annual UKOUG Technology Conference, an extensive online library as well as publications and fortnightly ebulletins.

Introduction to the SIG community
This SIG was established in April, 2007 as the London Coherence Users Group (LCUG). This community is dedicated to fostering awareness of scalable enterprise architectural patterns, production operation, and best practice applications of Data Grid technology involving Oracle Coherence (formally Tangosol Coherence).

Is this community for me?
This SIG is suitable for Software Developers, Engineers, Architects and Team Leads using, adopting or wishing to extend their practical knowledge and experience with Data Grids based on Oracle Coherence for the purposes of horizontally scaling out and increasing the performance of enterprise-class applications.

Events are typically run each quarter - depending on the time of year at the London Oracle Office. They are informal, and usually involve three or four speakers from industry, view the calendar for upcoming agendas.

Get involved:
Interested in presenting or joining the committee?
Find out more about presenting and how to engage with this group and UKOUG here.

Are you a partner? Are you looking for ways to support UKOUG?
Visit our Partner Area for further information or contact Kerry Stuart on +44 (0)20 8545 9685.

Project Manager - Emily Owen