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Cost of PeopleSoft vs SaaS and Other Options

22 June 2015

There is a lot of publicity around SaaS and various cloud options for enterprise applications these days. This leaves PeopleSoft customers wondering whether they should stay with PeopleSoft and what that real cost comparisons are. Is SaaS really less expensive for them? Is it really the best option for their business? What are the factors they need to consider? Can they stay with PeopleSoft and run it in the cloud, getting the best of both worlds?


Quest, the international user group organisation recently published an informative article titled How Much Does Your ERP Cost?  In this short article, the author provides ways to consider cost, but importantly, examines the value of these systems to the enterprise and why that should be a factor in your decision.  The author interviews several customers in assessing these questions. Worth a read.

Source: PeopleSoft Technology Blog

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