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FMS AM: How to Add Bonus Depreciation Retroactively for an Asset

4 July 2015

Useful bit of info posted by Mazen Kilani...

Create asset with in service date / accounting date between 1.1.2012 si 31.12.2012  without applying bonus depreciation. Now I want to apply retroactively bonus of %50 which will delete the old depreciation from the depreciation table and create a new one : This is done launching process AMSEC101 with Run mode: Prepare For depreciation. It will perform a reset:

  • Delete depreciation table
  • Add Bonus percent 50, and bonus sw at 9 on book table
  • Calc type changed to L on book table
  • Update Open trans depreciation to P pending
  • -Update if needed, Begin depreciation date … etc.


Launch depreciation for asset to recreate depreciation according to bonus. You may also like to play a recording of the TTQ above.

Source: PeopleSoft Enterprise Support Blog


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