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Move over 9 box grid! There’s a new model in the town - X Model!

29 August 2013

The new buzz word is ‘Employee Engagement’ - blog post by Succeed

During my MBA, we studied how employee satisfaction is imperative for the organisational performance but we saw no evidence showing the link… A happy employee does not necessarily mean a productive employee! Sure… but, in the last 3 years, research has taken employee satisfaction to a higher level- now it is called something more appealing. The new buzz word is ‘Employee Engagement’. 

Engagement is the soft factor within any organisation that will lead to higher performance. There have been several articles on the tangible and intangible benefits of leading an engaged workforce. These studies have also shown that the Engagement levels directly impact the performance level of the employee.

People are so important for any company - and keeping them engaged will help the company grow along with its employees (instead of the other way round!). The 9 box grid is one of the most used analytic to determine the position of an employee in the company. In simple terms, 9 box grid is used to assess the talent pools within the company based on performance and potential of the employees.


Performance is easy to measure, if you have the right means and with employees taking responsibility. However, how can you measure the potential? Is it potential based on the company hierarchy - vertical growth? Is it potential based on available roles within the company - horizontal growth? Or is it based on the employee’s aspirations? Ideally - it’s a mix of all three! This takes us nicely to the X model developed by BlessingWhite. The X model is where employee aspirations coincide with the organisational objectives. This is so eerily similar to the 9 box grid - perhaps it is engagement all along that we are chasing - under the name of performance?


The engaged in the top corner will end up as the Rising Stars. The disengaged at the bottom of the diagram are at a risk of termination if their personal goals are not aligned to the organisational goals.

See the video on the X Model here

This video explains how everyone in the organisation need to take a role in making it work - Employees need to take ownership, Managers to motivate and Executives to demonstrate commitment to the engagement.

It is time to move towards making engagement part of our daily work instead of waiting for an annual review. If you were to place yourself on the grid, where would that be? On an individual level, are you achieving your own goals along with helping the company achieve its goals?

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By: Succeed Consultant Sravya Gupta VIA:

Succeed Consulting

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