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New Idea Space for PeopleSoft HCM!

3 March 2016

PeopleSoft has launched a new “Idea” site where customers can vote for their favourite enhancement request or add one. Oracle will be announcing the Idea Space next week at the Alliance conference, but you get to find out first! The site is live and ready.

The PeopleSoft Community provides a great channel for discussion and collaboration around product ideas and enhancements. The voting mechanism allows for highly desirable requests to bubble to the top and any provide additional use cases/info to Oracle. You do not have to submit a SR, you can add your idea/request in the “New Idea Space” and other customers can provide input. This idea space is for all HCM modules, not just Core HR (see attachment).

Start voting now on the enhancements you want! You will need your Oracle login to vote/submit.

Here are the top requests submitted via Service Request or received from focus groups/customers:





Oracle Comments


Job Data

Add Preferred Search to Workforce Admin pages

Ability to search Workforce Admin pages using an Employee’s Preferred Name (along with legal name stored in Personal Data)

Usability enhancement for HR Admin


Employee Self Service

Additional address types in Employee Self Service

Enable additional address types to be updated in Employee Self Service like Legal (currently employees can update  mailing & home address)

Requesting customer use case for enhancement


Job Data

Blank Action/Reason values for new effective date inserted

When inserting a new effective date/sequence in job data, the action/reason copies forward the previous value.  Majority of the time, HR Admin is changing the action/reason – recommend defaulting in ‘blank’ action/reason for new rows inserted so HR Admin doesn’t have to override existing value.

Usability enhancement for HR Admin


Job Data

New Hire, remain on Job Data page after save

After adding an employment instance and saving the job data record, the HR Admin is routed back to the Add Employment Instance page.  Recommend upon save, HR Admin remains on Job Data page to review data after save.

Usability enhancement for HR Admin


Job Data/Manage Hires

Additional Search Criteria to Job Data page

Add additional search criteria to Job Data and Manage Hires search results (Dept/Dept Deptid, dept description, job code, HR Status).  This will assist the HR Admin in selecting the appropriate empl rcd to update/review.

Usability enhancement for HR Admin


Position Management

Add effective sequence to Position Management

Add effective dating sequencing to Position Management to separate out the changes that occur on the same effective date (similar to Job Data effective dating/sequencing).

Requesting customer use case for enhancement


Guided Self Service

Allow non-managers to initiate Guided Self Service transactions

Ability for HR Partners/Administrators to initiate Guided Self Service transactions (currently GSS is designed for a manager to initiate request)



Personal Data

Add effective date/sequence for Visa

Add effective date/sequence to visa permit type, the status date, and the work permit status (critical when employee has multiple visas)



Personal Data

Default in Highest Level of Education to Personal Data

Highest level of education in Profile Mgmt does not update Highest Level of Education in Personal Data.  The highest level of education would be updated automatically for 1) new hires and when a 2) new education level (effective dated) is inserted into Profile Management.



Personal Data

Global Address Formatting

Allow customers to define address format for countries not currently supported (no PeopleSoft country extensions).

Example - not displaying zip code field for Belgium who doesn’t use zip codes, providing state lookup field for countries not supported like South Africa (currently open field entry).



Job Data

Attachments in Job Data

Ability to add attachments to Job Data to support job data related transactions

Requesting customer use case for enhancement


Personal Data

Validate phone number format

Phone numbers can be entered in any format, add functionality to verify phone numbers are entered in the correct format for Country extensions




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