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PeopleTools 8.54 for the Oracle DBA

20 April 2015

In a series of articles, subject matter expert David Kurtz explores a number of features of PeopleTools 8.54 showing how the feature has been implemented and sharing his thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of each feature...

I have been doing some research, and have even read the release notes!  As a result, I have picked out some topics that I want to talk about.  I will discuss how the feature has been implemented, and what I think are the benefits and drawbacks of the feature:

This post is not about a new feature in PeopleTools 8.54, but it is something that I discovered while investigating the new version.

Links have been added to the above list as I have also blogged about each.  I hope it might produce some feedback and discussion.  After the Roadshow I will also add a link to the presentation.

PeopleTools 8.54 is still quite new, and we are all still learning.  So please leave comments, disagree with what I have written, correct things that I have got wrong, ask questions. 

SOURCE: The PeopleSoft DBA

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