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10 Must-Know Samsung Galaxy Note II Tips and Tricks

16 August 2013's Al Sacco spent a few weeks with Samsung's new Galaxy Note II "phablet," putting both the hardware and software through the paces. Here's a list of 10 must-know Galaxy Note 2 tips and tricks for all new owners.

CIO — Samsung this morning announced that it sold more than five million Galaxy Note II devices globally in the first two months since its launch. That's a whole bunch of smartphones...or mini tablets...nay, "phablets" - and a lot of new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners. 

Samsung's Galaxy Note II
Samsung's Galaxy Note II

I've been using the Galaxy Note II for a couple of weeks now, and I spent that time really digging into its Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" OS, seeking the coolest, most valuable and unique Galaxy Note II tips and tricks to help get the most out of the new device. Check out the following list of Galaxy Note II-specific features, tweaks, customizations, tips and tricks, and you'll master your new Note II in no time. (Also read my Samsung Galaxy S III tips and tricks post for additional features that the two devices share.)

Samsung Galaxy Note II Enhanced S PEN Features.

One of the most unique things about the Galaxy Note II, besides its massive 5.5-inch display, is its "S Pen" stylus, which lets you draw on screen, create handwritten notes, sign documents and more. The S Pen isn't new; the original Galaxy Note also had a similar stylus. But the Note II has a number of new and enhanced S Pen features. Here's a quick breakdown of the most notable ones.

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1) Personalized Email Signature. Whenever you compose a new email message using the native Android email app, you can sign the bottom of your message with a signature, symbol, drawing or other doodle to personalize your messages. You just compose a message as you normally would, tap the S Pen button on the stylus and then draw within the message body.


Samsung Galaxy Note II S Pen Features
Samsung Galaxy Note II S Pen Features


2) Hand-Written Notes on PowerPoint presentations. Using the S Pen and the pre-installed Polaris Office app, you can write notes and annotations on PowerPoint presentations. After you open up a presentation file, hit the + button at the top of the screen and then choose "Free Draw." You can draw all over the presentation, save your changes and then resend it with all notes intact.

3) Clipping Images with Galaxy Note II S Pen. The Galaxy Note II's S Pen can be used to outline and clip images from anywhere on screen or in any application. You simply hold down the S Pen button to activate the cropping tool, circle or outline whatever it is you want to crop and then close the "lasso" to confirm the shape. Your clipped image appears on screen, along with a number of application icons that can be used to send the image to a specific app. If you do not click an icon, your clipping automatically saves to the clipboard.

4) Galaxy Note II, S Pen and Airview. Airview is a new feature that lets Galaxy Note II users preview multimedia files, email and more just by hovering the S Pen over a photo, video clip or message. You can preview the first few lines of a new email message in the native Android mail app by holding the S Pen above the message on screen, at up to one centimeter away from the display. You can preview photo albums saved locally to the device by hovering over an unopened album. And the S Pen can be used to quickly scan through video clips to find and navigate to specific locations by hovering over the video's timeline.

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