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7 Ways to Maximise Your Networking Success

7 Ways to Maximise Your Networking Success

8 December 2014

Our conferences are brimming with brilliant ways to connect you with other users. It’s the one time in the year we bring a whole community together to network face to face - the most valuable networking possible. What you get out of your mingling really does come down to the effort you put in – we can only facilitate this, we can’t do it for you, but we’re always happy to give you a few pointers...

1.    Queue networking

No we’re not talking computer networking terminology here, we really do mean networking in a queue! This is a number one top tip from past delegates which is why it's at the top of our list. Many a delegate has found out that one little gem of information that has made the time and financial commitment of the conference entirely worthwhile – just from a conversation in queue for refreshments or a session room. Do it, it pays dividends!


2.    Social networks

The mobile app is a powerful way to connect with people onsite. Use the search facility in the app to find people to connect with. The app also makes suggestions based on shared interests and you can send secure messages to people you want to connect with to arrange to meet up.

 mobile app

3.    Social sharing

If you find any interesting things on your conference adventures please do share them on twitter tagging them with the conference hashtag. We’ll be following the hashtags and retweeting so we can help to raise your social profile and build your online network. What’s more, if you share via the app you could be a contender for one of our daily prizes!


4.    Badges

We have pin badges that are designed to be visible clues to indicate your areas of interest and help you identify other delegates with similar interests, so make sure you collect them and wear them where they’ll be spotted.

 Networking pin badges

5.    Interactive agenda sessions

This is a great way to spot people currently experiencing similar issues or, if you’re lucky, finding someone who has the solution. Use these sessions to your advantage. Identify who you want to connect with during the discussions, take part so they recognise you when you later hook up to carry the conversation on further.

 Interactive session

6.    Game card

Not confident in your networking skills? Smart people use the game card as a screen to practice around the exhibition hall. Top tip: on your way round, look out for Partner of the Year Award winner flags, you can use these as an ice breaker/starter for 10 by asking the exhibitor what they won.

 Exhibition networking

7.    Conference socials

Now somewhat legendary, these are the place to really master and build your skills. Our socials are an opportunity for you to spend some downtime with your connections and have some fun after a hard day of learning. We know it’s easier to connect with people after a few drinks and we facilitate this by providing talking points and activities.

Apps14 socials           Tech14 socials


Need a few pointers on how to work a room? Watch this short video for some great advice on how to make networking effortless.

Feeling lonely onsite - don't hide away... find a member of UKOUG staff (wearing sashes) or a UKOUG volunteer (look for the yellow ribbon attached to their badge) – we’re great fun to be around, know heaps of lovely people we can introduce you to and we do genuinely care that you have an amazing conference experience.


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