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ODA 12.1.2 Now Available

23 September 2014

Oracle Database Appliance 12.1.12 has been released along with updated documentation.

Tammy Bednar Director Product Management, Oracle Database Appliance at Oracle announced on Linkedin the availability of ODA 12.1.12 release. 

New software features include:

  • Supports Database 12c, Multitenant, In-Memory …
  • Grid Infrastructure Upgraded to
  • Database version support for:,,,
  • Choice of CDB and non-CDB for new 12.1 databases
  • Database on ACFS & rapid snapshot databases
  • Virtual Machine (VM) enhancements
  • Snapshot VM
  • Snapshot of a VM snapshot (cascade to any level)
  • Online addition of a Virtual Disk (Vdisk) – add more storage to VM
  • Increase Shared Repository size

The OTN site has updated FAQ, Data Sheet, and WP. (

The Documentation has a new book. The Getting Started Guide has been split into 2 volumes. The second book is called Administration and Reference Guide. (

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