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Oracle Database In-Memory: Making Real Time a Reality

5 August 2014

Following Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s introduction of Oracle Database In-Memory in June 2014, customers, partners, and industry experts have hailed it as a breakthrough technology that accelerates analytical performance by 10x to 100x, while also speeding up online transaction processing (OLTP).

“We not only speed up query processing by a couple of orders of magnitude,” says Ellison, “but at the same time we are at least doubling processing rates.” 

The unique innovation of the Oracle Database In-Memory option is a dual-format architecture that simultaneously maintains data by row on disk and by column in-memory to deliver both faster analytics and more-efficient OLTP. 

For customers, Oracle Database In-Memory presents an opportunity to enable real-time enterprise decision-making. Enterprises face the dual challenge of both petabyte-scale data volumes with increased demand for insights as business becomes ever more competitive and fast-changing. In this environment, comprehensive and fast decision-making is necessary to deliver more-personalized and more-targeted customer experiences. The unprecedented performance of Oracle Database In-Memory enables radically new ways of making business decisions. “Today, an executive would ask a question about the impact of a cost change, and it might be a staff exercise to come back the next day with the answer,” says Oracle senior vice president of Applications Technology Cliff Godwin. “With this technology, you can get the answer in the meeting.” 

No Programming or Application Changes Required
Any organization using Oracle Database-compatible applications can transparently take advantage of this capability without additional programming or application changes. 

“Queries run 100 times faster and updates double in speed, simply by throwing a switch,” says Ellison. 

“It’s not going to be a big project to figure out how we’re going to exploit this feature; turn it on and go,” says Enkitec Program Director Cary Millsap. 

“Oracle is the only vendor in the industry to embrace in-memory computing from applications to middleware to database to systems, enabling businesses to maximize profitability by accelerating operations, quickly discovering new growth opportunities and making smarter, real-time decisions,” says Oracle Executive Vice President of Database Server Technologies Andrew Mendelsohn. 

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