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21 September 2015

Read Philip Brown's write up of last week's Database SIG...

I attended the UKOUG RDBMS SIG this week and it was a really good day; firstly I want to mention the day generally.

Having a good agenda to begin with meant that there was great attendance, which in turn led to lots of technical chit chat in the breaks.  Just speaking to a couple of the guys about migrations to AIX; how to store financial tick data in a CLOBs and the pro’s of moving to single tenancy was great.  Hearing about lots of differing challenges in lots of different industries is part of the fun.

Then there were the sessions…

Phil Davies Oracle Support (I’m sure he will be on Twitter one day)

Some interesting information from Phil; some key MOS notes:

230.1 – Oracle Database Support News
This is a key doc which never changes it’s ID; use it to then navigate to other key areas.

432.1 – Proactive Resolution
This is REALLY REALLY good note around proactive tooling and checks; check it out.

888828.1 – Exadata Machine
For Screwfix this is a key Exadata MOS note; all the key details

1937782.1 – Exadata and In-Memory Bundle Patch Notes
These are released on a monthly basis rather than a quarterly basis (I might have something to say about that if your running just In-Memory and not Exadata)

Mike Donovan @dbvisitmike
Mike did two sessions at the UKOUG both covering aspects of DR and replication.  Obviously these guys get involved in these conversation so some of the basic advice they give should be observed.  Defining SLAs, recovering time, testing, probably some of the more crucial activities in DR but the less interesting for a DBA; but that’s like most things.  A nice quote that I have said myself before “RAC isn’t DR”  of course unless it’s stretched RAC but if you doing that for DR purposes then you should check your own internal wiring.  I would be interested in a direct comparison of DB Replicate and Golden Gate as these two products are competing in the same space; unlike DB Standby and Data Guard which although do the same would naturally be chosen against their respective Oracle Versions; standard and enterprise.

Pete Finnigan @petefinnigan
In the same way Mike knows about DR Pete knows about security!  Designing Audit trails gave again some good practical advice.  Pete talked about audit trails being designed around risk, regulation and business needs and a great quote was “auditing doesn’t affect performance”.  This is because a well-designed audit trail isn’t going to be generating vast quantities of data.  He also mentioned an interested statistic which I think was only 30% of the clients who generate audit data actually do something with it.  I guess this goes back to the interesting question; do you want to be secure or do you want to be compliant, these things can be worlds apart.

Martin Widlake @MDWidlake
Martin did a session on PL/SQL embedded into SQL and showed some interesting stats and examples around ‘context switching’.  My own knowledge of context switching revolved around why you move from a regular cursor loop to a bulk collect but this session built on my knowledge showing the effects of context switching when using PL/SQL or Native SQL in err SQL.  I think he put it better.

This was a great session (for me) at least as it provided practical examples and talked about the impact on performance which could be related to day to day problems; rather than talking about the deep dark internals.

Anywho I am hoping Martin’s slides (HINT) will be available from the Interweb as my pics aren’t really sufficient for this one.

DBA Forum @pbedba
I very much enjoyed my discussion session covering scripting and the complexities of managing Oracle.  You never know which way the discussion is going to go but I think that is half the fun.  I’ve been doing the forum now for a couple of years and I look forward to doing it more.


Source: Red Stack Tech

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