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Our document repository is easily searchable and allows you to search for publications, event presentations, journals, whitepapers and much more. If you have a document that you would like to add to the library repository click here to email your submission.

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PDFPeopleSoft and the Cloud

Published: 20.02.2017

Oracle Scene 62

Cloud computing is not new. For over a decade we have been able to obtain, software, networking & compute services on-demand with pay-as-you go pricing. The term is now ubiquitous, with many established IT companies offering "cloud" products & services.

PDFPerformance For All Editions on ODA X6-2S/M

Published: 04.01.2017 - This document is restricted to members

Oracle Scene - Issue 62

The Oracle Database Appliance is not new. The idea comes from early 2002 with the 'Row Iron' plan: an appliance with Sun server and Oracle Database. The idea was resurrected in 2011 with ODA V1 and has evolved through capacity and flexibility to X3-2, X4-2 and X5-2. This year the new one, X6-2 has been announced with some major changes:
• Multiple models: X6-2S, X6-2M and the previous X5 is renamed 'HA'.
• Single server models (2S and 2M) whereas previous ODAs were all 2-nodes clusters
• Ability to run Standard Edition (previous models were only for Enterprise Edition)
This article describes the 'Small' and 'Medium' models that are out at the time of writing. A 'Large' one will extend the range of those ODA 'Lite' soon.

DOCXLatest from Oracle’s Cloud Journey

Published: 21.12.2016 - This document is restricted to members

Footage from Liam Nolan's Cloud Keynote presentation at Apps16:

Liam Nolan is Vice President, Cloud Applications Development with specific focus on ERP Cloud for EMEA.
Prior to joining Oracle’s Product Development Division Liam worked with Oracle Consulting Services (OCS). During his time in OCS Liam designed and implemented complex business system architectures across many business verticals including Banking, Insurance, Construction, Transport, Central and Local Government, Telecommunications and Retail.
Liam is an accountant who has brought both his business and IT skills together to ensure maximum effectiveness of IT applications in the accounting and business workplace. Liam has over 15 years experience with Oracle Applications. He has been involved with the development of ERP Cloud Services for the last number of years.
Prior to joining Oracle, Liam held various positions in Oracle partner organisations, Fund Administration Industry and Life Assurance Industry.

PDFHCM Cloud Adoption at Ria Money Transfer - EMEA & Asia

Published: 19.12.2016 - This document is restricted to members

Presentation deck used in the UKOUG APPS16 conference about the successful implementation lead by BNB of Oracle HCM Cloud as part of an HR Transformation journey at Ria Money Transfer.

In this presentation, you will find key information from the list of drivers that triggered this journey, the key benefits of each stakeholder and the lessons learnt from the customer and implementation perspective.

PDF12.2 vs Cloud - The University of Cambridge Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite

Published: 15.11.2016 - This document is restricted to members

UKOUG Higher Education - 3rd November 2016

PPTXSetting up an Oracle 12c Migration Factory

Published: 02.11.2016 - This document is restricted to members

UKOUG RAC Cloud Infrastructure & Availability SIG - 12th October 2016

PDFHow Semantic Technology Changes Recruitment-Gerard Mulder

Published: 18.10.2016 - This document is restricted to members

October 4th 2016

PDFUKOUG Applications' Journey to Cloud Webinar 2

Published: 15.09.2016 - This document is restricted to members

UKOUG Applications' Journey to Cloud Webinar 2 - 14th September 2016

PDFUKOUG Applications Journey to Cloud Webinar 1

Published: 08.09.2016 - This document is restricted to members

This video is a recording of the first webinar in the UKOUG Applications Journey to Cloud series presented by Phil Wilkins.

PDFOracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service for Oracle E-Business Suite Customers

Published: 01.09.2016 - This document is restricted to members

UKOUG Oracle Financials, 7th September 2016

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