UK Oracle User Group

Increase your programming confidence by using unit tests

Published: 27.03.2017

Author(s): Patrick Barel, AMIS

OUG Ireland 2017 23rd & 24th March

When we create our programs, just getting it to compile is not enough. We want to test if our code does what it is supposed to do. But testing over and over again is time consuming and mostly boring process. You don't want to run the same tests over and over again. It worked before, so it will work now, or won't it? This should be an automated process which you can start whenever you want, even when you're not present. There are multiple unit testing frameworks and tools available to do this job for you. This session will show a couple of them and will show an in depth analysis of utPLSQL and SQL Developer. Although very different in approach then can both be useful in your development process. We'll discuss the structure of unit testing. Then we'll demonstrate the two products.

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