UK Oracle User Group

A new year means a new start for our Public Sector HCM SIG

6 January 2016

If you work in the public sector, changes to our Public Sector HCM events could benefit you!

In previous years the UKOUG have ran a closed group event called the Public Sector HCM Customer Forum. This closed group ensured that only people working in the public sector would be informed of these meetings. With the group only containing a small amount of members, we realised that keeping this event as a closed group in the future, could hinder our delegates networking opportunities, growth opportunities, and ability to get fresh injections of knowledge and insight from industry experts who may not have been aware of this group's existence.

Despite the group being open to all of our members, we would still like to stress that the agenda content for these events will still be in relation to the Public Sector, with HCM content for our Private Sector members available through our Oracle HCM events rather than our Public Sector events. We have provided seperate events for the Private and Public Sector businesses as this ensures that the content of our events is industry specific & the knowledge you pick up is suited to your business. 

Whether you work in the public sector yourself, or have customers that do, if you work in the environments listed below, the content and knowledge avaiable at our Public Sector HCM events could be for you. If your industry/customers industry is not in the following list please reffer to our Oracle HCM community/events:

  • Councils
  • Public Transport
  • Government
  • NHS
  • Police
  • Education 

We'd love to get your feedback on this; you'll need a UKOUG login to provide it, so if you don't have one, please click on 'create a web profile' first.