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An interview with... Your Tech16 Digital Community Keynote!

22 November 2016

We spoke to Duncan Mills and Chris Tonas - our UKOUG Technology Conference & Exhibition 2016 "Digital" Community Keynote speaker's - to find out why their session is a must attend, and whats going on within the industry.

Duncan Mills Chris Tonas 
Duncan Mills Chris Tonas
Senior Director, Product Management, Development Tools, Oracle  Vice President, Mobility & Development
Tools, Oracle

Here's what they had to say:

What industry trends do you feel developers should be aware of?

The last few years have seen a massive dual emphasis on Cloud as a way of cutting costs and working smarter and of course Mobile as a way of reimagining your IT delivery. Don't imagine for a moment that this wave has somehow passed, we're still in the thick of it and it's still very much a future prospect for many in our user community. In terms of what's next beyond those platforms? Well I think what matters will differ based on your business, it may be IoT (Internet of Things) in manufacturing, mobile beacon technology in retail, or chat-bots in the service and finance sectors. Basically though it all means more channels and much, much more data to manage and exploit and visualize.


Where do you see your area of Oracle Technology heading in the next 12 months?

We've obviously been fully engaged with cloud development for some time now and over the next year you'll see us put a lot of emphasis on the integration cloud platform as a whole, but into the low-code development platform in particular. The low barrier to entry for cloud based development tools makes it a snap for anyone to get access to these capabilities. Organizations now have the ability to maximize the potential of their own staff, meaning both traditional developers and the new breed of "citizen developers". By putting easy to use (and safe) development capability into the hands of expert users as well as professional developers, tasks such as extending SaaS applications, building mobile solutions and even bespoke application development become simpler and will no longer bog down the core IT development function. It's an exciting time ahead. At the same time, we have to be clear that we don't just care about what's shiny and new. As an organization a lot of what we do is purely concentrating on the here and now, working on, and improving our existing platforms and frameworks and integrating them into the larger vision as we move forward.

Why do you feel User Group events are beneficial for attendees?

User group events, be they large yearly events such as Tech16 or more intimate affairs such as the SIGs are all about the opportunity to network of course, more crucially, the art of accidental discovery. What I mean by that phrase is all of that information that you pick up during the course of an event, that you didn't realize that you even needed. This might be the discovery that someone you bump into has the same challenges as you and the establishment of that rapport. Or maybe you sit in on a technical session in some area which you've just never had time to explore before. So often, you can gain insights by looking at your own business and development challenges from a totally new perspective. User group events provide a superb excuse to do this. Every attendee should make it a point to attend at least one presentation in an area that is totally outside of their "home-track" comfort zone. You just never know what you'll pick up.


Why have you picked this topic for your keynote presentation?

What we're trying to show in this keynote is that there is more to this cloud business than just the technology. Sure the services and technology are cool, but what matters is helping our customers evolve their own vision about how cloud can help them; will this save me time? Will this save me money? Will this make something new and exciting possible?
That's what keynotes should really be about.


What three key takeaways will attendees gain from attending your session?

i) Whether you intend to build new, cloud-native, applications, or consider a hybrid cloud to on-premise approach, Oracle's Public Cloud delivers one common platform to serve all your needs.
(ii) DevOps in the cloud is an essential element to offering agility and value add to any project, whether cloud-native or cloud-hybrid
(iii) Low-code tools platforms are the next generation of application development tools and Oracle's offering will revolutionize the space

Check out the abstract for their engaging and interactive keynote - or to find out more about Duncan & Chris view the keynote page.

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