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Book review - Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook 3/E

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook 3E

31 October 2013

UKOUG members, Balwant Basran of LHA-ASRA Group and Khalil Rehman of KR Programmers Ltd review this book on behalf of other UKOUG members

Each year McGraw Hill offer our members free books in return for an honest review of the content.

One of the books available to our members for review this year was Oracle E-Business Suite Handbook 3/E by Gustavo Gonzalez.

Read our members' reviews of this book below to decide whether or not it will be worth your investment in this title.

Balwant Basran of LHA-ASRA Group gave the book 5 out of 5 stars

This book is a great read for anyone who's interested in the world of Oracle E-Business. It provides a comprehensive review of all the modules and provides both technical and functional insights.

Explains the changes in functionality within Release 12, I feel this is an essential read for anyone on the path of implementing or upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite.

Khalil Rehman of KR Programmers Ltd gave the book 4 out of 5 stars

This book teases the audience with a variety of topics not previously covered in many other books written about Oracle E Business Suite and leaves the user wanting more.
It is an informative read for technical consultants who are trying to get a grasp of the functional applications which make up the R12 Oracle E Business Suite.
The book covers a huge spectrum of modules from different business areas.

Other authors have tried to focus on specific areas such as Finance or Supply Chain but gone into much greater depth giving hands on exercises which can be used to practice the implementation and support of each module.
This particular tome covers Financials, Supply Chain and Projects. The materials are ideally laid out for senior executives to work with a project manager at the Business Analysis stage and understand at a high level the principles of each module and the decisions that have to be taken to implement each module.

The book stops short of showing detailed screen shots and exercises to implement the modules. This material would be covered by attending an Oracle University course specific to each module or working closely with a functional consultant hired to implement the modules on your project.

Modules Covered:
* Oracle General ledger
* Sub Ledger Accounting
* Payables
* Receivables
* Treasury
* Cash management
* Assets
* Purchasing
* Inventory
* Order management
* E Business Suite Tax
* Projects
* Credit Management
* Self Service Web Applications
* Workflow

The final section of the book is aimed at functional consultants looking to get an overview of what the technical consultant in a project do to manage and customise the E Business Suite environment.
My gut feel is that the book is trying to do too much in one volume. It may be an idea for the authors to focus on a specific target audience and give them more depth.
I did like the overviews of E Business Suite Tax, Credit management and Sub ledger Accounting.

The presentation on Business Intelligence is informative and fairly detailed which describes one of the key features Oracle has promoted in release 12. If I were the authors I would expand this chapter greatly and actually start from the point of view of a dissatisfied executive who cant get ready access to their enterprise information. Build on the steps required to take the business requirements to configuring, testing and using the Business Intelligence dashboards.

I would also want a discussion on the pros and cons of the various tools out there on the market and which one suits E Business Suite in different scenarios.


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