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Change Assistant Upgrade Documentation

20 April 2015

Graham Smith’s two tips from the application upgrade coalface...

TIP 1:

Put the documentation for your upgrade job on the local drive of your upgrade PC.  This may speed up navigating around the upgrade job in Change Assistant.  NOTE: Poor performance may be caused by my anti-virus software and/or remote server speed where the documentation is stored so this may or may not speed things up for everyone.



TIP 2:

If you're struggling to read the documentation because the text is too small then just make the following edit to the content.css file located in the documenation folder.  There are a few other edits you could make to the styles in this file but this one is a quick win.

Figure 2



Easier to read after changing the P font size to 16pt 

SOURCE: Graham's PeopleSoft Blog

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