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Deep dive into SPARC M7 with the Systems Update

8 February 2016

Welcome to your first Systems newsletter of 2016! These communications will keep you up-to-date on the latest UKOUG Systems news - informing you of; SIG content, dates for your diary and news articles on the latest happenings in the industry.

With the first SIG of the year kicking off on 8th March, it seems this season’s hot topic is Software in Silicon. The launch of the SPARC M7 microprocessor, also meant we had a number of papers submitted under this topic covering content for a variety of experience levels. 

The SPARC M7 is the result of five-and-a-half years of co-development by engineers from Oracle and Sun Microsystems. Their goal was to incorporate certain functions normally found in software directly into the microprocessor itself. It incorporates silicon-embedded advancements primarily in two areas: security and performance. 

Ensuring you can expand your expertise with the latest industry knowledge is Dr Clive King, who will be presenting his session “Finding real world bugs with Silicon Secured Memory, a practitioners guide” at the SIG on 8th March.  With over 18 years experience working on the performance and reliability of Solaris and large system scalability, Clive predicts “security is going to hold the whole industry hostage for the next couple of years at least”. His session will describe how and where to use SSM technology with examples for everyone.

Silicon Secured Memory provides safeguard and monitoring capabilities built into the hardware, replacing the need for slow software-based instrumentation. SSM assigns a key to the memory blocks being allocated, this key is compared during execution, preventing inappropriate access to memory location outside the bounds of the SSM. You can find out more about Clive, or read an Introduction to SPARC M7 and Software in Silicon on the UKOUG website.

Also presenting on M7 at our March SIG are Oracle's Ken Kutzer & Kristian Toms with their presentation “Data Analytics Accelerators for Oracle Database in Memory: M7 SQL in Silicon and Security through Silicon”. The session looks at Software in Silicon security features which provide new levels of data protection within your enterprise. With discussion into how the M7 processor's open platform can be leveraged by other applications in the future, attending this session could help you build a roadmap for your future Oracle systems strategy.
The innovations in the new SPARC processor are consistent with the design philosophy at the heart of Oracle Engineered Systems. It's an approach to enterprise IT architecture that fits together servers, software, and storage into a single, finely-tuned integrated system that runs applications at their optimum performance capability.

The final session on our March agenda will switch the focus to engineered systems. With James Anthony – an Oracle ACE who was also one of the first people to achieve Oracle Certified Master (OCM) at Oracle9i – presenting his session “Oracle ZFS - deeper dive” - delegates can gain insight into optimisations that make ZFS so powerful. We like to give you more than just facts to take back to the office, and with James’ discussions into how settings and configurations can be used to effect different workload, you’ll come away with practical skills that could help you manage your ZFS Storage Appliance.

Protecting the mission-critical data that resides on an Oracle Exadata Database Machine is a top priority. The Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is ideally suited for this task due to superior performance, enhanced reliability, extreme bandwidth, powerful features, simplified management and cost-efficient configurations. If you’re looking for a little extra reading on the subject of Exadata, why not read this article: “Exadata: What’s Coming”.

With all this content at your fingertips, make sure you’re registered for the UKOUG Systems SIG! Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for systems content on the UKOUG site and in the ebulletin - as well as on Twitter with #ukoug_sys. If you have any questions regarding this newsletter, or our March event, please do get in touch.

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