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Did You Know?

16 June 2015

As part of your commercial membership you have a number of free opportunities you can take advantage of. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’re entitled to and why you should be making use of it...

Event listings

If you’ve got an event or webinar coming up, tell us. As long as it’s not competing with UKOUG events we can add it to our partner calendar.

White Papers 

These make great reference material for members, so whenever you produce them send them through and we’ll publish them in our online library.

Press Releases

Remember to add to your press release distribution list and we will add your releases to the news section of the UKOUG website.

Blog Posts

We’re always looking out for useful product information and insight being posted in the blogosphere, so tell us when you’re publishing your posts so we can share them.

Top Tips 

Tips are a quick and easy way to create a steady stream of useful information demonstrating your expertise.

Get the most Oracle-savvy people in your organisation to send you one product tip they would pass on to another user, then send them through to us and we’ll share them one by one with an acknowledgement for the individual and company.


Another way of delivering your top tips is to do really short ‘how to’ recordings. They needn’t be glossy productions, just short and informative. Oracle’s 5 minutes with Primavera series on the Oracle Learning Library is a good example.

Just send them to us and we’ll publish them on our YouTube channel.


Yes, they take a bit more time and effort but the rewards are worth it. What better way to showcase your top talent than by encouraging them to write an article about a topic within their area of expertise.

We can use articles in Oracle Scene and online – and if you’re really lucky, maybe even both!

If you have questions about any of the above opportunities, do contact Zara.

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